Coloxyl with Senna


Coloxyl with Senna - Basic Information

Indication of Coloxyl with Senna:

Used to treat constipation of many types, including: Mild constipation (short-term relief).Constipation of pregnancySevere constipation (to soften the impacted faeces).Can be used to prevent constipation or straining in patients with: HaemorrhoidsHerniasFissures or perianal abscessVaginal wounds from childbirthRecent heart attack.

Action of Coloxyl with Senna:

The two components of Coloxyl with Senna work differently: Coloxyl (docusate sodium) causes more water to move from the body into the colon, softening the stool.Senna works by causing bowel muscles to become more active, thereby helping evacuate the stools.

Dose Advice of Coloxyl with Senna:

1-2 tablets at night.Up to four tablets daily if needed

Schedule of Coloxyl with Senna:


Common side effects of Coloxyl with Senna:

- Abdominal discomfort (e.g: cramps or colic).- Flatulence.

Uncommon side effects of Coloxyl with Senna:

Prolonged use or overdose may result in: - Diarrhoea- Water and salt imbalance, especially potassium loss.Hypersenstivity to Coloxyl may be seen.

Diseases treated by Coloxyl with Senna:

Diverticulousis disease of the colon (Diverticular disease) Haemorrhoids (Piles)

Symptoms associated with Coloxyl with Senna:


Con: Diverticulousis disease of the colon...